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Hi! We are Desiree and Virginia, a.k.a. the Pitlane Twins!

We are identical twins from Hamburg, Germany and turned the passion for motorsports into our profession. On social media we create unique content that inspires both fans and brands.

With more than 85k followers in the bag, we travel the world and let fans experience the sport through our eyes.

"Bridging the gap between fans and brands"

What we do

As content creators we publish our experience trackside and  from home. We offer brands a platform to engage with their (future) fans.

Why we do it

Taking the fact there's a need for fan-driven motorsport content on social media, we take the fans along and make the sport more tangible.

Formula 1 Twins
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Our Mission as fans of motorsports is delivering authentic and relatable content to other fans. This is why we call our mission #fans4fans as we are bridging the gap between the sport and its fans.



"Following you makes me feel as if I were there myself."

With our race blogging, we show sides of the sport that are not depicted in the media. By following us, fans practically breathe in the race atmosphere. We bring fans closer to the sport and generate enthusiasm. 

"It's amazing to see women doing content about F1."

The target group of motorsports has changed in recent years: more and more women are interested. The race track is becoming more diverse and that’s exactly what we’re representing.

"You girls are living my dream.

I wish you could attend every race."

Not every fan has the chance to visit a race. Exploring the race tracks and coming so close to the teams and drivers connects to the fan inside each of our community members’ hearts.

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Collaboration Values

The power of social media has gained more and more momentum and collaborations with creators are eagerly awaited by the fans. By working with us, you bridge the gap between those on both sides of the action offering a tangible link that unites fans and your brand. With our portfolio of content creation for product placement (such as video or photo posts), race blogging, and interviewing, we address brands that are active in the business environment of motorsports. Authenticity and storytelling are crucial for us, key is a fan-focused collaboration. 

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Brand experience

With our work we represent the face of a brand and make it vivid. We will increase awareness, consideration, consumer preference and loyalty.


As we put lots of effort into community work and create relatable content, you get our community involved and engaged with your brand.

At eye level

Being fans ourselves we have a brilliant approach to the motorsport fans. With us, you tap into new audiences and increase trust in the brand.

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Find some details on our community in our Media Kit in the footer. For inquiries, send an email to or contact us through our management wtf1talent by sending a message to

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Being so passionate about motorsports, traveling a lot and creating content is spreading around the world.

All kinds of news platforms approach us regularly. Below are a few examples:

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Motorsport Magazine Interview

Newsletter Trackside Talk

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