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Hi, we are Desiree and Virginia, a.k.a. the Pitlane Twins!

We are identical twins from Hamburg, Germany who love to represent the female fandom of motorsports. On social media we create fun, engaging content about Formula One from a fan's perspective and let more than 100k other passionate enthusiasts experience the sport through our lens when we travel the world for our favorite sport.

What sets us apart

We are here for the fun side of F1 and come up with innovative, relatable content. For the past 2,5 years we've built a worldwide F1 community.

Why we do it

Our aim is to bring fans closer to motorsport through daily entertainment and to tell stories that are not touched by mainstream media.

Pitlane Twins

Get to know us 

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A view back into the past...

the initial touch with Formula One wasn't on a voluntary basis: our father used to watch it on Sundays and we had to accompany him. It took us almost 10 years to finally fall in love with the sport and travel to races. 

As we attended the Austrian Grand Prix in 2019 we got hooked, loved the vibrant atmosphere and realized: attending races is our kind of vacation. Two years later we started posting about F1 on social media.

Pitlane Twins


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Our experience-based content is all-encompassing as it covers travel, the fan experience and humour, therefore promising various angles for promotion and cooperation at or away from the race track. For inquiries, send an email to and find some details on our social media community in our media kit in the footer. 

Press & Media 

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Being so passionate about motorsports, traveling a lot and creating content is spreading around the world.

All kinds of news platforms approach us regularly. Below are a few examples:

Pitlane Twins CreatorWay

Podcast CreatorWay

Pitlane Twins

Motorsport Magazine

Pitlane Twins Interview

Pitlane Twins

Newsletter Trackside Talk

Get in touch 

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